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2020 Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL) Distance Library Instruction, Virtual Poster

Tailoring Virtual Library Instruction and LibGuides to Engage Music Majors










































































































​*2020 USF 12th Annual Graduate Student Research Symposium, Poster

Tailoring Library Instruction and LibGuides to Engage Music Majors

*Rescheduled and then canceled due to COVID-19


Music libraries are full of quirks that music students must learn to navigate. Music library instruction traverses the eccentricities of the physical library (sound and video recording formats, oversized music scores, and notation and recording software), eResources, copyright, citations, and advanced search techniques (searching opus numbers, score, parts, instrumentation, genre, performer/ensemble, record label, publisher, and the original title language, to name just a few). 


Music majors need access to basic information literacy, such as evaluating credible sources, database discovery, and proper citations. They also need library instruction for requesting and accessing physical or virtual audio and video recordings, searching music databases (often different from a traditional academic article search), and navigating the workstations, midi keyboards, software, and physical media. Music collections may function more like an archive, where students must request resources in advance, perhaps only for use in the library. 


Resource specialization within music libraries allows for in-depth research. Workstations allow students access to expensive music software. Students may find they need to focus on time management to complete a project within the library hours, similar to optimizing hours in a practice room.


My research details methods librarians can implement to engage music majors by tailoring library instruction and information literacy specifically to the major and creating a LibGuide to address students’ unique research needs in a music library. This poster will highlight free and low-cost music notation and recording software, advanced search techniques for music collections, and music resources librarians can include on LibGuides for music majors.

2020 Southern Mississippi Institutional Repository (SMIRC) Conference Presentaion

IR Wisdom Across Four States


Johnson & Wales University is a unique university in that it has campuses in four different states. Because of this geographic breadth, it is especially important that we have an accessible, easy-to-use institutional repository to share and archive information from any campus. The JWU Libraries utilize and promote the ScholarsArchive@JWU, a digital repository that provides open access to journal articles, dissertations and theses, and other creative works published by the JWU faculty, staff, colleges, departments, and students. This session will highlight the creative approaches the libraries at the JWU campuses in Providence, Denver, Charlotte, and North Miami use to promote and champion our institutional repository. Attendees will see the inventive ways JWU uses an institutional repository as an archive and an online academic resource. This session covers an array of items to consider including in your IR, copyright and creative commons distinctions, and approaches to name, tag, and catalog materials in an IR

*2020 Florida Library Association (FLA) Conference Presentation

Diversity ≠ Equity & Inclusion: Institutional Strategies for Diverse Communities

Jade Kastel & Paul Bazile

*Rescheduled due to COVID-19.Our proposal was accepted and I was unable to attend

  the rescheduled conference because of moving to Indiana to start at Purdue.


Diversity alone does not ensure inclusion and equity. A public and academic library in the diverse city of North Miami collaborated on this session to highlight our historic and contemporary approaches to equity and inclusion. Attendees will leave with measurable goals and creative, cost effective strategies.

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2019 FACRL Conference 

Inclusive Language Broadens Access for All to Library Services, Collections & Archives

Jade Kastel, Kailee Faber & Alexandra Howard

FACRL Poster.jpg

2019 SEFLIN Conference 

An Academic Library’s Creative

Interdisciplinary & Community Collaborations

Jordan Workman, Lindsey Corey & Jade Kastel

Archive of Literary Cake Contests available 

on JWU ScholarsArchive

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