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MLIS Core Courses
   LIS 5020 Foundations of Library & Information Science
                    • The Inquisitive Side of Service, interview with Library Director Nicole Covone
   LIS 6271 Research Methods in Library & Information Science
                    • A Brief Examination of How the US News Media
                      Creates a False Equivalency of Ideology and Social Theory
   LIS 6409 Introduction to Library Administration
                    • Strategic Plan: Implementing Evening Hours at the
                      Johnson & Wales University Library

   LIS 6511 Collection Development & Maintenance
                    • Library Needs Assessment, Collection Development
   LIS 6603 Basic Information Sources & Services
                    • North Miami Resources LibGuide: Intro video -->
   LIS 6711 Organization of Knowledge I
                    • How Recent Changes in Subject Descriptions 
                      Improve Classification
   LIS 5937 Cultural Heritage (Spring 2020)
   LIS 5937 Human Rights and Libraries
                   • TransCon, Community Engagement Report
   LIS 5937 Makerspaces & Making
                   • Makerspace LibGuide for JWU Culinary, Baking & Pastry, and Fashion Departments
   LIS 6026 Introduction to Archives and Records Management (Spring 2020)
   LIS 6515 Web Archiving - Technology Elective
                    • Comparing the Web Archives at Library of Congress and
                      the National Library of Australia
   LIS 6773 Digital Curation (Spring 2020)

   LIS 6946 Supervised Fieldwork, Northeast Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN)
                   • NEFLIN Vendor Discount Program Website

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